Canyoning involves progressing through the bed of a ravine (river narrowed between large natural walls) and crossing their slopes by using mixed techniques of rappelling/abseiling. On the inside or middle, we have to walk or swim through the canyon, climb down through rocks, slide down waterfalls, jump into deep pools and going through narrow gorges with crystal clear waters…

Waterfalls, canyons, nature slides, pools… it sounds pretty exciting, right? The perfect combination of adventure, fun, nature and lots of laughs while you are doing canyoning in the many canyons that are hidden throughout the entire island. Most of them are located in the mountain range called Sierra de Tramuntana, since they flow between massive walls of rock that will let you speechless. These field trips, depending on the canyon’s level of difficulty, allow you to enjoy your day full of adventure, climbing up and climbing down, putting into practice different rappel techniques, jumping into the pools and sliding down natural toboggans along the cascades. A gorgeous activity in the purest and beautiful nature that fills the wonderful island of Mallorca. This water sport will show you out-of-the-way areas of the island that are rewarded with exceptional beauty. At the same time, you will be having an awesome time, with friends or family. Our team of skillful and certified guides in this particular canyoning activity will show you the best techniques to have a formidable day filled with adventure and joy.

This field trip will be divided into three phases: walking to the canyon, the sportive part will be done by using the corresponding equipment to make the descent and coming back to the starting point. This is a very well-rounded activity, where you can enjoy being surrounded by amazing nature at the same that you enjoy the wilder side of the island by practicing adventure sports such as canyoning.

The island offers all kinds of canyons, from the most accessible to the most adventurous and challenging ones. Our guides will recommend you in the most professional way which canyon is the one that fits your needs and physical conditions. Moreover, we offer canyoning courses where our experienced and certified guides will share with you the best descending and rappel techniques so you can enjoy this sport in a fun and safe way. Mallorca is a unique spot where to combine nature and adventure. Take a leap and come to discover it with us!


Here we have a small selection of canyons in Mallorca that we normally do, and they are for all levels, from easy to difficult. All the canyons in Mallorca are in the Sierra de Tramuntana and the most incredible thing is that they are all very diverse. Canyoning is a very complete activity where you combine walking to the canyon, jumping into pools, sliding in the waterfalls, climbing, swimming, rappelling and walking back to the starting point. The canyoning season in Mallorca starts in November and normally ends in May, depending on the rain.

Easy canyons (beginner level)

Medium level canyons

Difficult level canyons

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