We will explore Mallorca going vertical! We will start climbing on limestone, with help and safety from our expert guides. Mallorca is the idyllic place for this kind of sport. There are thousands of routes, for beginners and experts.

Looking for a challenge? Climbing is the ideal activity to come into the world of adventure sports. Mallorca is a pioneer island and a well-renowned international paradise. Professional climbers come to the island every year to put their all-level techniques to test. No matter if you are a beginner or if you are a more advanced climber, Mallorca offers a wide range of options to get started or to refine your practice: sport climbing, bouldering, deep-water soloing, classic climbing… you will be able to practice all sorts of climbing in Mallorca since it counts with all the essential characteristics to enjoy climbing to the fullest. The island counts with countless routes for all levels, alternatives, and preferences. The quality of the rock found in the mountains throughout the island, that is limestone and sandstone, gives the opportunity to all level of climbers to enjoy their practice. In addition to the field trips, we also offer climbing courses and workshops, both to beginners and advanced customers, so you take your techniques to the next level. Be amazed by the charm of the island!

If you are interested in getting to know the adventure sport of climber first-hand, look no further! Count with the expertise of our certified and well-versed local guides, who know the best hideouts to practice different types of climbing. They are experts in accommodating all sorts of activities to your preferences, age, and knowledge so you can be amused all day in the safest environment surrounded by wonderful nature. You will be able to climb both in the mountain or along the coastline. This will be an activity that you will always remember and you will want to repeat!

Climbing in Mallorca, One of the best climbing experiences

When is a good time to climb in Mallorca?

Climbing in Mallorca is one of the best experiences for any climber. Mallorca’s landscape offers every type of rock formation and climbing difficulty imaginable, from coastal outcrops to high mountains.

The perfect weather, excellent routes, and stunning views make Mallorca an ideal climbing paradise year-round.

Although most people climb from spring through late fall when the temperature is more pleasant on the island, the sun stays out longer this season.

At other times of the year, such as winter, You can still enjoy climbing with the appropriate equipment, as conditions are usually relatively stable.

For anyone looking to share some of Mallorca’s finest rock formations while ascending through gorgeous scenery and enjoying temperate, sunny weather, there is no better time to climb than now!

What are the best climbs in Mallorca?

Mallorca, the beautiful island off the east coast of Spain, is a paradise for those looking to partake in some genuinely thrilling and stunning climbs. From Mallorca’s coastal cliffs and boulders to its secluded peaks that tower up high, Mallorca has many places suitable for climbers of all levels. For instance, Sa Gubia is a famous climbing zone about 250 meters high with stunning views from the summit, where experienced hikers can often spot vultures in flight.

Mallorca’s Sa Gubia is a favourite attraction for climbers and adventurers. Nestled in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, it stands an incredible 250 meters high wall and offers unparalleled vistas of Mallorca’s stunning landscape.

For those looking for a unique Mallorca climbing experience, Sa Gubia is ideal! It provides a challenging climb and exciting opportunities to traverse Mallorca in ways you could never have imagined. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to enjoy Mallorca from a different perspective, this famous climb will surely give you a unique adventure!

And for beginners or those looking for something more leisurely, Lluc or Caimari near Pollença offer excellent opportunities to take in Mallorca’s majestic landscapes from the comfort of a lower-level climb.

The Sierra de Tramuntana is located in Mallorca from northwest to southwest, which serves as a perfect point to explore Mallorca climbing. No matter your level of expertise, Tramuntana is the proper challenge that will give you a thrilling yet rewarding experience. Also, climbing by the coastline is a must in Mallorca. Especially on the East coast, you can also climb deep water soloing and bouldering with incredible sea views.

Mallorca truly offers something for everyone when it comes to climbing adventures!

The Hardest Climbs in Mallorca.

Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands is a climber’s paradise! With a range of challenging climbs and routes, Mallorca offers a fascinating adventure for excited climbers.

Some of the most challenging climbs Mallorca has to offer are Caimari, Valldemossa, Gorg Blau and Sa Gubia. Sa Gubia is a 250-meter cliff overlooking Mallorca’s beautiful Island, which makes for a breathtaking landscape from the top.

Its ratings range from grade 4 to 8c, and its routes demand strong climbing knowledge and skill.
Each route Mallorca has to offer brings its level of excitement and challenge that turns an everyday sporting experience into something extraordinary!

Most Iconic walking Climbs in Mallorca.

Mallorca is renowned for its intense climbing experiences, and there are numerous iconic and breathtaking routes to tackle throughout the region.

Perhaps the most infamous and daring Mallorca walking climb is Torrent de Pareis, which offers a whopping 12.7 kilometer challenging path with stunning scenery. A 9km ascent with an 8% average gradient and some breathtaking views, Sa Calobra provides a unique challenge to adventurers looking to tackle Mallorcan climbs. With its considerable length and difficulty level, it’s no wonder Mallorcan hikers have always cherished the adventure this walk offers

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just beginning your Mallorcan climbing journey, Torrent de Pareis will undoubtedly stir up a thrill that will stay with you for years. If you’re looking for a Mallorca climb, make sure Torrent de Pareis isn’t off your list!

For those who prefer a bit less adventure, Puig de Galatzó, at 1062 meters, could provide a fantastic thrill with its enormous griffon vultures and many other birds circling meanwhile you attempt to conquer the peak. No matter what kind of Mallorca climbing adventure you’re searching for, Mallorca has something special waiting just around the corner; climb away with no limits!

Monastery Climbs in Mallorca.

Mallorca’s Monastery of Lluc Climb, located in Mallorca, Spain, is a unique and thrilling adventure not to be missed.

This climb offers an exciting sports experience with plenty of breathtaking sights to see along the way.

Those looking to take on this climb can expect a safe yet challenging journey. Whether you are an avid hiker or simply looking for a new adventure, Mallorca’s Monastery of Lluc Climb promises a complete experience filled with outstanding views and memories.

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In our small group of 4 we did cave diving and coasteering. Our guide Kike explained everything very well, took the time to answer our questions and even customized the tour for us. We had a fantastic and fun day! Thank you very much.
susanne rogger
susanne rogger
June 28, 2024
Everything was so well organized and perfect:) Kike, you are an absolute gem. Big heart, kind soul and fantastic guide! The girls had the best time climbing and swimming through caves while our son enjoyed every minute of climbing. We recommend this outfit for any adventure:)
Karyn Simmons
Karyn Simmons
June 22, 2024
I'm not really used to outdoor climbing so I was a little bit worried, but Kike has been super and motivated us all the time! Totally recommend, if we'll be back in Mallorca we'd definitely like to have him guide us again :D
Silvia Stefanini
Silvia Stefanini
May 31, 2024
La actividad de la visita de la cueva ha sido ESPECTACULAR... sendero, rapel, nado, visita de las maravillas naturales que tiene la cueva, nado de vuelta y sendero... hemos vivido de todo!!! Música natural, deporte, excitación, adrenalina, concienciación natural... hasta unas tortuguillas y unas crías de gaviotas han querido mostrarnos sus encantos. Agradecidos de la maravillosa gestión de la empresa y ENCANTADOS del trato que nos ha dado Daniel, nuestro guía de la jornada. No podemos estar más contentos.
Irene Chumillas
Irene Chumillas
May 30, 2024
Härlig och vacker via ferrata. Utmanande men rolig! Tack 🙌
Natalie reuterby
Natalie reuterby
May 22, 2024
Estuvimos haciendo la actividad de coasteering y pasamos una mañana genial por la zona de Alcudia, muy recomendable!
Alberto Rodríguez Marijuán
Alberto Rodríguez Marijuán
May 13, 2024
It was a fantastic day and experience.
mana farshid
mana farshid
May 13, 2024
Ich habe ein Incentive mit Jeremy und seinen Guides geplant. insgesamt hatten wir drei Aktivitäten gebucht . Coasteering, Kayak und E-MBT. Alles hat super geklappt, gute Organisation, Guides super nett und kompetent ! Immer wieder gerne... kann ich nur empfehlen.
Anja Müller
Anja Müller
May 13, 2024
For a prime location and a warm welcoming guide (Jeremy), full of experience and knowledge of nature, look no further and absolutely book your private adventure with Outdoor Adventure Sports. This is a 10 out of 10 review. We met a very pleasant person who provided us with a fantastic excursion! Focusing on safety and an unforgettable adventure in private tour. Jeremy only gives private tours: quality over quantity. After a small part abseiling, we enjoyed the silence in the cave and the beauty of everything it has to offer. Safety first Jeremy has an adage: safety first! Because of wind and rough waves, it was too dangerous to enter the sea. The waves were too high at the site of the cave entrance and the wind would only increase. But he had a great plan B, where we entered two different caves above sea level. It takes courage to make this decision, but safety always comes first with Jeremy. It is recommended that an excursion be communicated to Outdoor Adventure Sports ahead of time so they can assess the right conditions and plan an appropriate activity accordingly. The private tour lasted 5 hours and we found the conversations to be authentic and genuine, which made us feel like we met a new fine friend in Mallorca. Jeremy has over 16 years of experience and is a true professional with passion for nature and knowledge of geology and the history of the island. We are sure you will have the same fantastic experience like us. Enrique and Gina (Belgium)
Enrique Havinga
Enrique Havinga
April 14, 2024
Die Buchung war spontan möglich und sehr unkompliziert. Wir hatten mega viel Spaß am Klettern! Der Klettersteig führt wunderschön am Meer entlang und ist sehr abwechslungsreich. Jeremy ist ein super angenehmer Guide, der uns abgesichert und Tipps gegeben hat. Er hat viele interessante Infos parat und hat die Tour über schöne Erinnerungsfotos gemacht! Vielen Dank Jeremy!!
Lena Bergmann
Lena Bergmann
April 10, 2024