These are excursions by the coastline that combine cliff jumping, walking, adventure, swimming, climbing, caves, snorkeling...cooling off in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. Enjoy some of these refreshing and exciting activities.

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Are you up to combine the sea and the land? If you are looking for action, you are not afraid of heights and you like swimming, you are going to definitely love this activity.

Be amazed by our “star” activity. Coasteering combines walking along the portion of the coast of the island that boasts to have the most amazing cliffs and stunning views with the adrenaline rush of jumping from those cliffs to the peaceful and dazzling waters of the Mediterranean Sea. During this activity, you will be able to know the most amazing and lovely hideouts of the island while you fill yourself with lots of excitement, not only on land but also in the sea.

The asset to this activity is that the activity offers countless possibilities. If you want to push your adventure forward and intensify it a stretch more, you may add the deep water soloing activity to it. This is an activity that was born and developed on the island, which consists of climbing the rocks that face the sea. If you fall, no worries! You will land in the peaceful water of the Mediterranean Sea and you will refresh yourself! Our skilled and experienced guides have deep knowledge of the depth of the waters around the island.

This way, not only you will discover marine caves but also you will have fun doing snorkeling, peeking the autochthonous flora and fauna of the area, while you enjoy to the fullest of your adventure. The subaquatic caves that are hidden by crystal clear and turquoise water are an experience not easy to forget!

The coasteering activity is suitable for all ages, from the most inexperienced to the more skilled and adventurous ones. This activity is offered to team building groups, incentive groups and/or part of the competition since it is ideal to get to know the island in a deeper way while you are putting into practice different activities full of adrenaline. In the unlikely event that the weather conditions are not optimal, this activity will be adjusted to dry coasteering, where the aquatic activities will be substituted by others. Our team of certified guides will provide you with all the required material so you have an amazing and safe experience, with all the excitement!

Selection of Coasteering tours in Mallorca

Here we have a small selection of coasteering tours in Mallorca. The great advantage of coasteering is the large number of activities that can be combined, for example: cliff jumping, deep-water soloing, acuatic zip lines, sea caves, swimming in crevasses, via ferrata (climbing along the coast), rappelling, walking along the coast and much more. The good thing about coasteering is that it adapts to all levels since all activities are optional and everyone can be free to choose whether daring to do any challenges throughout the tour.

All our coasteering activities can be held in different parts of the island, giving us a lot of flexibility in case of poor see conditions in a specific location.

The best season for coasteering is summer. We usually start in April, May, and June with company groups, then we continue throughout the summer with more private groups, summer camps, bachelor parties, families, etc. In September and October, when sea water is still warm, we work again with company groups.

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