The cliffs of the Majorcan coastline are the most picturesque and beautiful places on the island. Cliffs that look like limestone balconies over the blue Mediterranean Sea, which captivates all our senses and leaves us feeling in touch with nature’s raw and stunning unspoiled beauty! These will be your cliffs to climb and explore.

This activity consists of climbing rocks located along the coastline and that is just above the sea, which will be where you land in case you fall! So much fun waits for you!

The term “Psicobloc” translated into English as “deep-water soloing” is a term coined by the internationally renowned climber called Miquel Riera, who was born on the island. This activity combines climbing rocks along the coast, so that, if you fall, you will refresh yourself with a quick dip in the pristine clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This activity combines the action of climbing up but without ropes. The excellent quality of the limestone rock to and who named this activity after he started practicing this new modality of climbing on the coasts of Mallorca. Slabs, dihedrals, overhangs… all of these types of rock leave no one indifferent, not even to the most experienced climber!

Our certified guides count with extensive experience and knowledge about the best places to practice deep-water soloing around the island. They will share with you basic techniques to improve your practice and the best approaches needed so you enjoy this activity safely. There are diverse areas that fit the different levels of climbing and purposes and thanks to the vast knowledge of the different routes and the depth of the waters. Therefore, the guides will accommodate the tour according to your needs. There are also low-level routes that are suitable for those who want to begin with this practice.

Put your limits to the test by practicing one of the most adventurous yet more fun sports, while you are combining rock climbing and quick dips in the transparent waters of Mallorca that will cool you off while you prove your climbing abilities!

This activity is suitable for all audiences that want to test their physical conditions in a breathtaking natural environment. It is perfect for all kinds of groups because, those that do not dare to try, may sunbathe or practice snorkeling while they are watching the others that scale the heights!

Come to the cradle of the deep-water soloing to immerse yourself in this amazing and fun adventure. Enjoy a day of climbing to its finest! You will come for more!

Deep-Water Soloing Inspiration and Photos

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