An adventurous way to explore the canyons which involves working our way through the bed of a dry ravine. We will be crossing their slopes and using mixed techniques of rappelling/abseiling and climbing.

Mallorca is worldwide known because of its impressive nature. This island, located in the Mediterranean Sea, counts with the impressive Sierra de Tramuntana, which has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in the category of Cultural Landscape. With a vast number of hideaways, landscapes, gorges, canyons, hidden beaches, caves, rock cracks, and cliffs that will fascinate you. For all these reasons, Mallorca has become the favorite spot for climbers as well as nature lovers.

By virtue of the countless canyons that are to be found throughout the Sierra de Tramuntana, as well as other parts of the island, combined with more than 300 days of sunshine a year on the island, this sport is the ideal activity for those who l love nature.

Our team of skillful and certified guides is highly experienced professionals in canyoning, due to the fact that are local experts that know by heart the most magnificent and remote places where to practice. Our field trips will let you put into practice the different downclimbing and rappel techniques while you enjoy astonishing views.

We also offer dry canyoning courses and workshops that are suitable to all. You can trust in our expertise to learn in a safe and fun way the best moves to combine adventure and nature!

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