Enjoy our fascinating hiking on the island, from mountain walks to coastal walks with 360º views. Mallorca is a worldwide renown hiking destination due to the quality of the hiking paths and of course its stunning beauty. Let’s discover the island in a different way!

The island of Mallorca, with its particular orography, is the ideal spot to do hiking. Surrounded by a unique and idyllic scenery with great diversity, this beautiful island on the Mediterranean Sea counts with the impressive Sierra de Tramuntana, which has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, in the category of Cultural Landscape. It stretches along 90 kilometers long and 15 kilometers in its maximum width, which represents almost 30% of the island’s total territory. Cliffs, caves, and ravines created by water erosion, millenary pathways, all of them constitute a breathtaking landscape for those who want to enjoy the island by getting deeper into an adventure. The island offers a variety of itineraries, ranging from the most spectacular and challenging ones to flat trails that snake up along the coast. The immense beauty of nature and adventure that you will find in Mallorca, leave no one indifferent.

Learn more from our group of expert and certified guides the most enjoyable way to know the island by walking through their stunning paths. We organize all kinds of tours to get you to know the island’s most spectacular hidden gems. We offer different options to business groups, team building groups, and incentives as well as activities for families and friends, tailor-made to adults and children. We pay special attention to adjusting every activity to our clients’ needs and wishes, so their stay in Mallorca turns to be unforgettable. Moreover, we offer an additional exclusive service, which consists of a typical picnic. This is the traditional “Pa amb oli”, with all typical and local food such as the Majorcan bread, local tomatoes, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, cheese made in the island, which has a super quality and the well-known “sobrasada”.

The substantial experience and expertise of our trained guides will turn your field trip into a unique tour, always in an environmentally friendly way so everybody can enjoy the island safely and with lots of fun. Please, contact us and we will answer any further questions you may have. Our team of certified guides leaders in this field will provide you with tours designed for you, as we are detail-oriented so your “adventure” in Mallorca is one of a kind.

Selection of Hiking tours in Mallorca

This is a small selection of hiking routes in Mallorca that we normally offer. We have excursions throughout the island of all levels, along the coast crossing virgin beaches and in the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountain range. What impresses the most is the diverse natural landscapes that Mallorca has to offer, and they can be seen even walking through the same route with its constant changing scenery and spectacular southern Mediterranean views.

The high seasons for hiking in Mallorca are spring and autumn, when temperatures are very pleasant for walking in nature, but we still hike during sunny days in winter and in summer starting early morning walking through shady areas and why not dipping in a crystal-clear virgin cove!
A typical summer hike is Torrent de Pareis ending in Sa Calobra with a dip in the sea.

Easy level hiking trails

Medium level hiking trails

Difficult level hiking trails

Why should you make a hiking trail in Mallorca?

Hiking is a great way to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature. Hiking in Mallorca is a unique experience that you can not miss. This island offers some of the best hiking trails in the world, with stunning scenery, lush vegetation, and historical sites. Hikers can experience the majestic beach and its stunning coastal views as they traverse challenging trails ranging from easy to complex.

With majestic mountains filled with exciting flora and fauna, you will never run out of places to explore. Hiking in Mallorca is worth trying - even if just for a few days - due to the sheer number of spectacular sights. Traversing such a varied landscape will be advantageous, so don’t hesitate – to grab your backpack and hit the trail!

Is recommended to use a hiking map for Mallorca?

Hiking in Mallorca is a great way to explore the stunning scenery and nature. Hikers can find across the island. Hikers who visit Mallorca are lucky, as this region has abundant trails to choose from! The best way to plan your hike is by getting a guide and a Mallorca hiking map in your hands - this will help you discover new routes and plan your route with greater accuracy.

Hiking maps can provide essential details about specific trails, highlight difficult sections, detailed marked points of interest and provide more information about what’s ahead before you set off. Of course, no matter which route you choose for your Mallorca hiking adventure, it’s always recommended to let someone know where you’ll be and when you expect to return home.

Which are the best Hiking trails in Mallorca?

Hiking in Mallorca is a unique experience - the island’s terrain offers hikers trails of all difficulties and lengths, allowing you to create custom maps. Whether you’re looking for an easy shoreline hike or a more challenging high mountain route, Mallorca has it all!

While there are many routes to choose from, some of the best Hiking trails in Mallorca include Puig de Massanella, Torrent de Pareis, Puig de Galatzó and Puig des Castell d’Alaró - each offering its stunning views. No matter which Hiking trail you choose in Mallorca, it will surely provide an excellent and captivating experience of the island’s beautiful flora and fauna. Get out your hiking shoes and make your mark on a Hiking route in Mallorca today!

Hiking Trails for Palma de Mallorca

Hiking in Mallorca is an experience you won’t soon forget. With incredible scenery, spectacular sights, and miles of trails, there’s no better way to explore the Spanish island than by foot. Hiking in Mallorca offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. Each track will provide a peaceful escape from day-to-day life while allowing you to take on ascents and decrease intense descents.
Whether you’re looking for a stroll or an adrenaline trek, dozens of routes are available. Some of the best hiking trails include Puig de Massanella, Cala Tuent Beach Hike, Sa Costera, Puig de Galatzó, Soller area, Formentor Hike, and Valldemossa Hike. Whatever route you take will surely make for a beautiful journey!

For those looking for the best hiking routes in Palma de Mallorca, there are several magnificent trails to explore. The most popularly visited path is Sa Costera, which offers fantastic views of nature along its 10km route. La Trapa boasts idyllic Spanish scenery, making it perfect for more leisurely hikes. Hikers looking for a more exciting challenge should try Sierra de Tramuntana’s mountain trails, with their beautiful landscapes and natural features that will keep you thoroughly captivated throughout your journey.

Wherever you hike in Mallorca, you’re guaranteed to discover some exquisite natural wonders!

Hike Trails for Formentor, is it worth it?

Hiking is a great way to explore Mallorca’s stunning landscapes, and Formentor is the ideal spot to take advantage of this. From novice hikers looking for an accessible trail to adventurous adventurers searching for a challenge, spectacular choices are available.

Port Pollensa Hiking Trail, boasts magnificent sea views. Suppose you are feeling extra adventurous; try exploring the Cami De Cala Boquer Trail, where you can discover hidden coves and ancient rocks, unlike elsewhere in Mallorca. Hikers of all abilities will appreciate learning the beauty of Mallorca’s Hiking trails!

Hiking is a great way to get out in nature, clear your head and explore the world around you - and Formentor Mallorca has some of the best hikes in Spain. There are options for everyone, from beginner trails with breathtaking views of the Shore Sea to challenging climbs that will take you up into the mountains for stunning panoramic vistas.

With its year-round temperate climate, abundance of wildlife, and diverse landscapes, Formentor is ideal for a unique outdoor adventure for hikers. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just getting started, the hiking trails of Formentor have something to offer everyone.

The best Hiking Trails at Port de Sóller, experience something different.

Some of the most popular Hiking trails in Mallorca include Sa Costera, Biniaraix, Fornalutx, Muleta, Deia and Cúber Hike. Each of these hikes offers a unique experience that You can truly appreciate with miles of valley views, coastal scenery, and mountain peaks. Whether looking for a leisurely walk or something more challenging, Mallorca offers plenty; it’s the perfect destination for adventurers and hikers alike!

Taking a hike around the beautiful Soller valley in Mallorca is an experience not to be missed. Hiking here brings a unique opportunity to experience its stunning natural splendour.
For those looking for hiking trails that promise breathtaking vistas, look no further than Soller Mallorca. Hike their world-renowned trails and immerse yourself in its inspiring beauty – with incredible views of lush green hillsides, secluded valleys, and mountainous horizons that take your breath away. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush on challenging peak climbs or enjoy peaceful strolls through flora and fauna of Mallorca’s rich ecological diversity, look no further than the best hikes around Soller Mallorca for a truly magical experience!

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I'm not really used to outdoor climbing so I was a little bit worried, but Kike has been super and motivated us all the time! Totally recommend, if we'll be back in Mallorca we'd definitely like to have him guide us again :D
Silvia Stefanini
Silvia Stefanini
May 31, 2024
La actividad de la visita de la cueva ha sido ESPECTACULAR... sendero, rapel, nado, visita de las maravillas naturales que tiene la cueva, nado de vuelta y sendero... hemos vivido de todo!!! Música natural, deporte, excitación, adrenalina, concienciación natural... hasta unas tortuguillas y unas crías de gaviotas han querido mostrarnos sus encantos. Agradecidos de la maravillosa gestión de la empresa y ENCANTADOS del trato que nos ha dado Daniel, nuestro guía de la jornada. No podemos estar más contentos.
Irene Chumillas
Irene Chumillas
May 30, 2024
Härlig och vacker via ferrata. Utmanande men rolig! Tack 🙌
Natalie reuterby
Natalie reuterby
May 22, 2024
Estuvimos haciendo la actividad de coasteering y pasamos una mañana genial por la zona de Alcudia, muy recomendable!
Alberto Rodríguez Marijuán
Alberto Rodríguez Marijuán
May 13, 2024
It was a fantastic day and experience.
mana farshid
mana farshid
May 13, 2024
Ich habe ein Incentive mit Jeremy und seinen Guides geplant. insgesamt hatten wir drei Aktivitäten gebucht . Coasteering, Kayak und E-MBT. Alles hat super geklappt, gute Organisation, Guides super nett und kompetent ! Immer wieder gerne... kann ich nur empfehlen.
Anja Müller
Anja Müller
May 13, 2024
For a prime location and a warm welcoming guide (Jeremy), full of experience and knowledge of nature, look no further and absolutely book your private adventure with Outdoor Adventure Sports. This is a 10 out of 10 review. We met a very pleasant person who provided us with a fantastic excursion! Focusing on safety and an unforgettable adventure in private tour. Jeremy only gives private tours: quality over quantity. After a small part abseiling, we enjoyed the silence in the cave and the beauty of everything it has to offer. Safety first Jeremy has an adage: safety first! Because of wind and rough waves, it was too dangerous to enter the sea. The waves were too high at the site of the cave entrance and the wind would only increase. But he had a great plan B, where we entered two different caves above sea level. It takes courage to make this decision, but safety always comes first with Jeremy. It is recommended that an excursion be communicated to Outdoor Adventure Sports ahead of time so they can assess the right conditions and plan an appropriate activity accordingly. The private tour lasted 5 hours and we found the conversations to be authentic and genuine, which made us feel like we met a new fine friend in Mallorca. Jeremy has over 16 years of experience and is a true professional with passion for nature and knowledge of geology and the history of the island. We are sure you will have the same fantastic experience like us. Enrique and Gina (Belgium)
Enrique Havinga
Enrique Havinga
April 14, 2024
Die Buchung war spontan möglich und sehr unkompliziert. Wir hatten mega viel Spaß am Klettern! Der Klettersteig führt wunderschön am Meer entlang und ist sehr abwechslungsreich. Jeremy ist ein super angenehmer Guide, der uns abgesichert und Tipps gegeben hat. Er hat viele interessante Infos parat und hat die Tour über schöne Erinnerungsfotos gemacht! Vielen Dank Jeremy!!
Lena Bergmann
Lena Bergmann
April 10, 2024
Fantastic experience , friendly and knowledgeable guide ! We loved exploring the natural beauty of the landscape in Mallorca with a local . Would absolutely recommend outdoor adventure sports !
Monica Granovsky
Monica Granovsky
April 8, 2024
Wir haben heute eine Klettersteigtour gemacht und sind mega begeistert. Die Buchung als auch die Durchführung waren super professionell und haben echt Spaß gemacht. Jeremy war super sympathisch, hilfsbereit und ein echt cooler Guide. Wir kommen auf jedenfall wieder. Vielen Dank für die geniale Zeit. Wir können Outdoor Adventure Sports jedem besten Gewissens weiterempfehlen.
Timo Eiteneuer
Timo Eiteneuer
April 4, 2024