We will be exploring unbelievable aquatic caves where we will swim in to and see what Mallorca is hiding under our feet! Incredible natural lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, columns and lots more. To enter the cave we will sometimes need to even abseil down a cliff to have direct access to the water. Something you will never forget.

In this tour, we will be exploring the beautiful sea caves that are located on the coastline and to where we will access by swimming to explore what they hide inside! We will discover natural lakes with crystal clear waters, as well as stalactites, stalagmites, other formations and much more! Occasionally, we will need to enter the caves doing rappelling down a cliff, to have direct access to the water. This is an activity that you won’t forget!

Come join and explore with us one of our star activities! Mallorca counts with lots of secrets in its interior, the impressive sea caves to where we will access from the sea! Limestone rocks and the erosion caused in the course of thousand years have left traces in Mallorca in the form of many sea caves and other rock formations. This tour can be combined with hiking and rappelling down to the next swim, and up to the entrance of the cave, or access the cave with a boat. Sometimes, accessing certain caves requires rappelling down a cliff 25 meters, using ropes and harness. Discover a new world with high doses of adrenaline!

As you go into the cave, you will feel you are entering a magical new world. From its entrance with sands, until you reach the first room, you will find a variety of thick and thin stalactites and stalagmites that are found in the inside of the cave. Thanks to the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you will find broad rooms with lakes surrounded by strange rock formations that will leave you speechless. With dimensions similar to a tennis court, you will enjoy one of the most well-kept secrets of the island in this first room. Nonetheless, since the cave stretches even further, the second cave we will explore, is even larger!

Our certified professional local guides will make sure that this activity is a unique and one of the best stories to tell to your friends and family about your visit to Mallorca. Dive into the sea caves on the island so your experience is simply spectacular!

What is a Sea Caving tour?

Sea Caving in Mallorca is a unique experience. Sea caving tours, also known as maritime speleology, allow participants to explore some of the best caves in the world from inside and out. If you’re looking for adventure and sports, sea caving is an excellent activity for thrillseekers and daredevils alike.

With experienced guides and all the necessary safety equipment, you can be sure that your time spent sea caving will be fun and organized from start to finish. Sea Caving in Mallorca offers something for everyone - a new way to explore the majestic coasts of the island. So join us on an incredible adventure and experience the fantastic world of Sea Caving!

Why should you pick Mallorca for Sea Caving?

Sea caving in Mallorca is an adventure like none other! With caves made of limestone, crystal clear waters, and rock formations, you’ll have the full-on experience you’re looking for during your next holiday.

Sea Caving tours in Mallorca are designed to accommodate all levels of adventure seekers, so even if you’re a beginner - there is no need to worry! You can explore ecosystems such as reefs, sea mounts, and seabeds while snorkelling or swimming through every natural moment. Mallorca Sea Caves are also known for their ancient and unique rock formations that will provide hours of exploration.

Sea Caves are great for group activities and make for the perfect sports holiday with friends and family. For anyone seeking a fun-filled adventure holiday, Mallorca Sea Caving is worth checking out!

What equipment do you need for Sea Caving in Mallorca?

Sea caving in Mallorca is an adventure like no other. Exploring the stunning underwater landscape while snorkelling among caves and caverns is a unique experience that offers plenty of excitement.
Before taking off on this fantastic journey, we will ensure you have all the necessary equipment for your sea-caving tour! Essential items for the Mallorca Sea Caving adventure are a wetsuit, helmet headlamp and a harness since we combine them with a 25 meter rappel that ends directly into the sea. You only need to bring your swimsuit, sports shoes, towel, water, food and sun protection from your side.

Our good-quality dive lights are to ensure maximum visibility when entering the dark areas of the caves. The right equipment will guarantee a safe and thrilling trip that allows you to explore the incredible environment of Mallorca Sea Caves!

Sea Cave tour Mallorca: The Mallorca Caves System.

Exploring the Mallorca cave system is truly an adventure like no other. Our tours in Mallorca will take you through a fantastic network of caves and underground caverns. With experienced guides, specialized sports equipment, and experienced instructors, these tours will make your trip fun and safe.

You can even explore secret tunnels and crevices! From its crystal-clear waters to its beautiful limestone mountains, exploring the Mallorca Cave System is sure to give you a unique experience like no other. So if you’re looking for an epic adventure, book one of these Sea Caving Tours today!

Which are the best caves in Mallorca for Sea caving?

Sea caving in Mallorca is an incredible way to explore some of the most spectacular cave systems on the island. The top two Sea caves in Mallorca are Cova des Coloms and Cova des Pilar.
Both offer fantastic adventure opportunities that even experienced Sea cavers can enjoy. Cova des Coloms offers impressive limestone rock formations with stalactites and stalagmites, with breathtaking natural crystal clear pools plunging into these inviting waters.

For those looking for a more technical experience, other caves provide excellent challenges due to their complex network of chambers and underground rooms, yet still reward explorers with stunning cave systems. Sea caving in Mallorca promises a fantastic journey that both novices and experts will surely enjoy!

Experience Mallorca Sea Caving, book a Sea Cave tour and enjoy the whole sea caving adventure in Mallorca

Sea Caving in Mallorca is an extraordinary adventure for thrill-seekers. By booking a Sea Cave tour today, you can take in the fantastic sights of the underground world of Mallorca, discovering some of the region’s best caves.

Sea caving provides a beautiful experience, allowing you to explore winding caverns while participating in numerous sports activities such as hiking, rappelling, climbing and snorkelling. With intricate paths unveiling hidden wonders waiting to get discovered, sea caving also offers unparalleled opportunities to observe what is under our feet. Whether you’re looking for a unique outdoor activity or a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty, Sea Caving in Mallorca is the perfect option.

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