Dive into the crystal clear Mallorcan sea, discovering under water life, rocks, crevices and caves, learning the best techniques for snorkeling.

The island of Mallorca is an ideal place to practice snorkeling, thanks to its calm and crystal clear waters. The fine and white sand allows to see the seabed clearly, so you will be amazed by the fauna and flora of this beautiful spot of the Mediterranean Sea. Snorkeling is a fun and easily-attained water sport, which is perfect to get into the water sports that the island puts forward. We offer field trips that are exclusively tailor-made to the needs and preferences of our customers so that they can combine different activities, including snorkeling as part of the plan.

Let yourself be amazed by the caves, rock cracks and holes that are found along the coastline of the island. The fascinating turquoise waters, that wash the shores of many inlets in Mallorca, are the perfect scenario to dive into the sea world. We count with a team of certified guides that will provide you with the security precautions to bear in mind so your experience is joyful as safe. Goggles, tubes, and flippers are all it takes to enjoy the charm of Mallorca, which is below our feet. Go ahead and let yourself be surprised by its beauty!

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