Discover our beautiful island, Mallorca, from the coastline. Each team will board a speed boat a receive a nautical map and compass, during their navigation where they will face several challenges, that involve adventure, team work, trategies and scavenger hunt games.

Join the most exciting and spectacular way to get to know the island with your group thanks to the speedboat coast challenge. This is a thrilling experience with loads of adrenaline!

This is the ideal activity for incentive groups, due to the fact that the challenge consists in achieving a series of 4 to 5 activities where the groups compete for one against the other. The participants will receive all the needed equipment, a compass, a nautical map with the spots where the activities will be located and the instructions for the itinerary. The boat captain will lead you to your destinations so you can carry out your challenges and the guides will make sure that the development of the activities will meet all the security standards so everyone can enjoy all the excitement and fun of the moment.

Aquatic zip lines, jumping off a cliff into crystal clear waters, look for codes, a variety of games surrounded by impressive nature where the challenges take place… this will be an enchanting day, all along having a great time with your coworkers, in the tranquil waters of Mallorca. It’s difficult not to surrender to such an amazing experience!

Over the course of the different stations, our guides will be assessing and evaluating the progress of all participants during the activity, so they can later reveal which group has accomplished all the challenges correctly, which wins the competition as they are true adventure experts!

Be amazed by the wonders of the island’s coastline at the same time you have an awesome time practicing riveting adventure sport that will push your limits!

We will accommodate any activity according to your needs and objectives so they will perfectly fit all participants to ensure that your experience is flawless!

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