We organize events for small and large groups, sea raft building, beach games, mountain adventure games and lots more. Just share with us what your wish is and we will make it come true!

Mallorca, with its more than 300 sunshine days a year, offers the perfect setting for an incentive trip. Counting with several direct flights from the principal capital cities of Spain and Europe to the international airport of Palma de Mallorca, the so-called “Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea” allows all the participants in the incentive trip to arrive quickly and conveniently to their destination. So, buckle up because your adventure trip is waiting for you in the charming Mallorca! It will be filled with excitement and fun activities in an astonishing background!

The beautiful surroundings of the island, between impressive mountains and fantastic beaches, with fine sand and pristine waters, will make your trip to be a great success! Our certified and professional team of guides will make sure to put together an exclusive and tailor-made itinerary that will cater to your needs with a variety of activities. Every member of your team will be immersed in an explosion of pure nature and lots of fun.

We are specialized in offering incentive trips to all kind of groups, no matter the number of participants. Our business philosophy is to create, hand in hand with our customers, the most thrilling and precise options that meet all your standards and goals. This will for sure bring the most out of all the participants while they have a great time in Mallorca. We pay special attention to your business baselines, offering the possibility to combine a wide range of activities, that is, rural, adventure, in the mountains or at the beach.

We offer competition circuits à la carte , taking into consideration factors such as physical condition, age, and preferences of their organizers and participants. We count with a team of certified local guides that bring extensive experience in offering the best adventure options and incentive trips in every corner of the island. Our guides will escort the different competing groups during the time the activities take place to assess the best way to execute the activities and to make sure that they performed under the safest conditions, so during the course of the competition or strategic games, everything goes smoothly. The final goal is to have as much fun as possible! We provide exclusive and tailor-made solutions unbeatable experiences to our customers.

Stations with zip lines, climbing, jumping into the water from cliffs of different heights, snorkeling, coasteering… there is no limit when combining the activities that can be offered to your incentive trip. We can provide either individual or group objectives so the participants feel safe in a supportive environment.

Our final goal is that not only the company but also its employees, clients, and partners will feel greatly rewarded for their excellent job by providing the most amazing activities in their incentive trip. This will lead to strengthen the bond with the company and to create great memories among all the participants.

We organize events for small and large groups, sea raft building and races, beach games, mountain adventure games and lots more. Just ask us what you have in mind and we will make it come true!

- Team building tour 3 hrs
- Instructors
- Mounting and dismounting activities
- Technical equipment
- Insurance
- 21% VAT

- Sporty clothing
- Swimming gear
- Trainers/Sandals
- Min 1'5l water/person
- Sandwich or snacks
- Sun protection
- Towel

On request

Why can Corporate Team Building Activities in the outdoors reinforce your team’s bonds?

Corporate Team Building Activities in the great outdoors offer a unique, fun way to reinforce the bonds between groups of corporate colleagues.

Whether your corporate team takes on an exciting seasonal challenge to stay physically active or pitches themselves in a fun team game at Mallorca, the outdoors provides abundant opportunities for corporate groups to engage, socialize, and bond. Going out into nature can help corporate members reconnect with each other and build trust through shared experiences.

After participating in corporate team building activities, they will feel excitingly re-energized, better informed of each other’s strengths and more closely knit as a corporate family.

We have team-building activities for large groups and small teams!

Corporate incentive activities are one of the essential tools a company can use to its advantage in cultivating a thriving corporate culture and promoting employee skill development.

Team-building activities benefit large corporate groups, allowing diverse members to interact comfortably outside traditional corporate boundaries.

There are numerous potential benefits to doing corporate team-building activities:

They can foster trust and understanding between coworkers, instil leadership skills, improve communication, problem-solving, and creativity, and even encourage healthier competition.

Outdoor corporate team-building activities provide even more creative avenues for corporate training, with many unique outdoor activities such as hiking and coasteering - discover the beauty of Mallorca with our speed boat coast challenge or just cycling through countryside roads and trails! Regardless of the activity chosen, corporate team-building exercises can be an enjoyable way to build trust and bring together a corporate group while providing valuable skill development opportunities.

Reward your employees with incentive activities for groups and companies

Rewarding corporate teams with special incentive activities can produce fantastic job performance results. In Mallorca, corporate team building can be done outdoors, making it more engaging and rewarding for everyone.

If you’re looking for ways to incentivize employees, rewards such as outings or activities can be the ideal solution. The corporate setting allows the team to come together and interact through fun activities, including exploring nature and playing games. The focus on working together boosts morale and helps couples create stronger bonds while having an enjoyable time.

The perfect corporate reward need not be expensive but rather creative and inspiring so that your team develops skills and learns life lessons. Such activity-based incentives help employees stay motivated and empowered to reach their collective goals!

Build trust with fun team-building activities that will grow your team communication skills and leadership skills

Team building activities are a great way to grow team trust, encourage communication skills, and develop team leadership. Taking team building outdoors is even better! The team can explore more significant dynamics while engaging in fun activities outside the regular office environment in Mallorca.

Not only is this good for team morale, but it also provides a great platform to foster the development of team skills where teams can immediately put their knowledge into practice and learn something new together.

Outdoor team-building activities are about trust - with adventurous tasks and, most importantly, supportive teammates. With the right attitude and effort, you can create an unforgettable experience that strengthens your team’s relationships that will stand the test of time.

Show your company culture and have a shared experience with our group activities in Mallorca.

Showing off your company culture has never been easier! At Mallorca, you can create a shared experience with our team-building activities.

We have a range of team-oriented events that take place outdoors, from physical challenges and team sports to interactive team quizzes and problem-solving exercises. What better way to bring together colleagues and express your culture than with hands-on, engaging experiences? All of this in the beautiful setting of Mallorca – team building at its best! Join us for an unforgettable experience as we turn team activities into success.

Our team-building activities organized in Mallorca offer a unique opportunity to create and share experiences that explore the core values of our company culture. From team-oriented challenges, team trivia, team sports, art projects, beach cleaning, lunch at a farm and cosy dinners - we spice up team interaction with an array of outdoor activities.

Whether you’re seeking to strengthen bonds between employee teams or have fun with an inspiring group experience, these team-building initiatives will help you break out of the daily routine and make lasting memories in Mallorca!

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