Climbing in nature: levels of difficulty and locations

The area of Mallorca is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and lively culture, but also for its captivating climbing sites. Here you can discover 7 of Mallorca's numerous climbing sites, a must for climbing enthusiasts.


Of all the climbing sites on our beautiful island, S'estret stands out as a true haven of peace for lovers of natural rock. It is located in the north of the island and is considered unique in the region. It also offers a wide variety of climbing routes, so that any group of any level can have a great time.

The climbing site of S'estret is one of the most interesting, as it is perfectly suited for climbing in the middle of summer and/or autumn. This region offers climbers more sport routes than bouldering routes, as well as spectacular natural surroundings that make sport climbing a memorable experience.

Grog Blau

The Gorg Blau is an artificial reservoir in the Tramuntana mountain range, perfect for outdoor climbing. It is located to the north of Sóller, about 30 minutes by car along the steep Tramuntana roads and between the foothills of Puig Major and Puig de Masanella.

It offers a wide variety of sport climbing routes of varying difficulty. Climbing, with the magnificent views from the Gorg Blau, becomes a memorable experience and is highly recommended. The rocks in the heart of the natural splendour of the Gorg Blau offer an exceptional climbing experience.

Sa Gubia

The Sa Gubia climbing area is located in the central part of the mountains of Mallorca, a short distance from Palma. Its reputation is based on its mainly sport climbing routes, but also on its natural splendour and the great diversity of its climbing routes, the ideal time to visit being between spring and autumn.

Here, climbers can enjoy challenging ascents in an incredible setting. The limestone walls rise majestically above the landscape, offering climbers exceptional views of the island.

Cas Catalá

A small cliff near Palma. Not very impressive, but has some great routes especially suitable for beginners. A sun trap, best avoided on hot summer days, but perfect for off-season visits.

Its location is one of the assets of these routes, which gives this place its potential for discovering climbing in a pleasant environment. In addition, the proximity of Palma and Cala Mayor allows you to enjoy a pleasant swim, ideal for relaxing after a great climbing session.

Puig Sant Martí

Puig de Sant Martí, a place where you can climb with sea views while standing on a picturesque mountain near the Bay of Alcudia. It is a perfect place for beginners or inexperienced climbers, as easy category 5a and 6a routes predominate.

Thanks to its two distinct sectors, north and west, it is possible to climb in both summer and winter, with sunshine. This, combined with its proximity to the northern tourist area, makes it an attractive destination to consider when choosing a destination.

Sport routes for experienced climbers

In a marvellous corner of the Tramuntana mountain range that offers all the attractions a climber could wish for, you will find this excellent spot for lovers of difficulty: Fraguels, near Bunyola.

Its routes are generally on powerful overhangs and, although the difference in height does not exceed forty metres, there is a great atmosphere. The climbing is generally a combination of stalactites, slab overhangs and hole routes. There are very few routes for beginners, and those that are available are not easy.

It is a place for experienced climbers only.

El Fumat

El Fumat is a secret place, accessible (almost) only in winter. It is located in the protected area of Formentor, where access for private vehicles is difficult in low season and prohibited in summer. The views of Cala Figuera from the climbing routes are fantastic. You will be at the most northerly point of the island, ready for a glimpse of the coast of Barcelona.

In winter, you can enjoy short, explosive cantilever climbs with stalactites. This site offers a small range of sport routes, from V+ to 7c+, reserved for experienced climbers.

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