Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do you organize activities for open groups?

We usually don’t. We are specialized in private groups so we can offer a high-quality service.

Do you organize activities for private groups?

Yes, we do. This is in fact what this is our field of expertise.

What is the difference between the open groups and private groups?

Open groups are those where participants register themselves individually to take an activity and therefore no one knows each other until the day of the event, so it could happen that there would be different physical-condition levels between each participant. Private groups are those where participants book an activity on a private basis. All participants know each other and there are no external participants in that particular activity. An example of that would be the following: a family, a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s party, a couple, an incentive team, a group of friends, etc.

Do you organize activities for just an individual?

Yes, we do. We organize activities one-on-one and also for couples.

Is there a required minimum of participants to do an activity?

The required minimum is one person, although we recommend that there is a minimum of 5 or 6 people so it is more affordable for each participant. For most of the activities, the price is set at a 5-6 people group.

What is the maximum number of participants to do the activities?

It depends on the type of activity, the season of the year, location or day of the week. We recommend that you get in contact with us with your inquiry and we will inform you accordingly.

What is the minimum age to do the activities with children/kids?

The minimum required age will depend on the activity that is going to be done. We also understand that the minimum age may vary according to the kid’s ability. Furthermore, we are experts in adapting every activity for the participant’s age and physical condition.

  • 4 years of age and up: multi-adventure, games at the beach, and boat tour.
  • 6 years of age and up: hiking, cycling, kayaking, snorkeling, coasteering, climbing,
    and caving.
  • 8 years of age and up: Canyoning, dry canyoning, deep-water soloing, sea caving.
  • 10 years of age and up: Torrent de Pareis, speed boat challenge.

Where do the activities take place?

Most of the activities are done in different locations around the island of Mallorca. For the canyoning activities, we offer different locations throughout the mountain range, Sierra de Tramuntana. We also offer activities on the other Balearic Islands, which are Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Isle of Dragonera and Cabrera.

What are the payment options you provide?

- Bank transfer
- PayPal
- Cash

What is your Booking Policy?

Read our Terms and Conditions

What is your Cancelation Policy?

Read our Terms and Conditions

What are your recommendations on what to take on the date of the event?

It may vary on the activity you book and the season of the year.
We provide a reference guide of what you may bring depending on the activity.

For aquatic activities:

  • Sporty Clothes
  • Bathing Suit
  • Trainers (they will get wet)
  • Extra pair of shoes
  • Min 1,5 L water per person
  • Sandwich or snacks
  • Sun protection
  • Towel

For dry activities:

  • Sporty Clothes
  • Hiking Shoes or Mountain Boots
  • Backpack
  • Min 1,5 L Water per person
  • Sandwich or snacks
  • Sun protection

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes, we do. Depending on the number of people, the activity, the season of the year, etc. Please, do not hesitate to get in contact with us to make a free consultation about your preferred adventure and sport.

What is included in the price of the activity?

The price includes the following:

  • Tour
  • Guide
  • Equipment
  • Permits
  • Insurance of each participant
  • 21% VAT

Does the price of the activity include transportation?

Transportation is not included in the price of the activity. However, we recommend that you get in contact with us so we can provide you with the most suitable solution to accommodate your needs.

Do you organize transportation services?

Yes, we do. Please, feel free to get in contact with us to make a free consultation.

Do you rent equipment even though we don’t book any activity with Outdoor Adventure Sports?

Yes, we do. Please, feel free to get in contact with us to make a free consultation.

Do you organize any additional services that are not related to adventure or sports?

Yes, we do. We have a large selection of available services, from gastronomic to cultural events, musicals, retreats, etc.

Providing the perfect outdoor adventure

We organize some of the best activities Mallorca has to offer such as: tailored adventure activities
across Mallorca’s breathtaking seaside, countryside & mountain range.

We have activities, which are suitable for all types of groups, from corporate team building to family activity holidays.

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Based on 86 reviews
For a prime location and a warm welcoming guide (Jeremy), full of experience and knowledge of nature, look no further and absolutely book your private adventure with Outdoor Adventure Sports. This is a 10 out of 10 review. We met a very pleasant person who provided us with a fantastic excursion! Focusing on safety and an unforgettable adventure in private tour. Jeremy only gives private tours: quality over quantity. After a small part abseiling, we enjoyed the silence in the cave and the beauty of everything it has to offer. Safety first Jeremy has an adage: safety first! Because of wind and rough waves, it was too dangerous to enter the sea. The waves were too high at the site of the cave entrance and the wind would only increase. But he had a great plan B, where we entered two different caves above sea level. It takes courage to make this decision, but safety always comes first with Jeremy. It is recommended that an excursion be communicated to Outdoor Adventure Sports ahead of time so they can assess the right conditions and plan an appropriate activity accordingly. The private tour lasted 5 hours and we found the conversations to be authentic and genuine, which made us feel like we met a new fine friend in Mallorca. Jeremy has over 16 years of experience and is a true professional with passion for nature and knowledge of geology and the history of the island. We are sure you will have the same fantastic experience like us. Enrique and Gina (Belgium)
Enrique Havinga
Enrique Havinga
April 14, 2024
Die Buchung war spontan möglich und sehr unkompliziert. Wir hatten mega viel Spaß am Klettern! Der Klettersteig führt wunderschön am Meer entlang und ist sehr abwechslungsreich. Jeremy ist ein super angenehmer Guide, der uns abgesichert und Tipps gegeben hat. Er hat viele interessante Infos parat und hat die Tour über schöne Erinnerungsfotos gemacht! Vielen Dank Jeremy!!
Lena Bergmann
Lena Bergmann
April 10, 2024
Fantastic experience , friendly and knowledgeable guide ! We loved exploring the natural beauty of the landscape in Mallorca with a local . Would absolutely recommend outdoor adventure sports !
Monica Granovsky
Monica Granovsky
April 8, 2024
Wir haben heute eine Klettersteigtour gemacht und sind mega begeistert. Die Buchung als auch die Durchführung waren super professionell und haben echt Spaß gemacht. Jeremy war super sympathisch, hilfsbereit und ein echt cooler Guide. Wir kommen auf jedenfall wieder. Vielen Dank für die geniale Zeit. Wir können Outdoor Adventure Sports jedem besten Gewissens weiterempfehlen.
Timo Eiteneuer
Timo Eiteneuer
April 4, 2024
Jeremy and his team have an upbeat attitude, experienced knowledge of the terrain and a deep insight on how to pace you and your group based on your health, stamina and personal goals. I highly recommend using this amazing resource while exploring the rich, beautiful Mallorcan landscape!
Davina Isackson
Davina Isackson
April 3, 2024
Seriously, this was the highlight of our nine day trip to Europe! Jeremy was amazing! He made the experience so perfectly fun and special! The caves are amazing! We’ve been a lot of places, and seen a lot of things, and this blew us away.
Rose Ritter
Rose Ritter
April 3, 2024
Wir waren zusammen als Familie klettern und es war ein wirklich tolles Erlebnis! Bei unserem Tourguide Miguel haben wir uns sicher und gut aufgehoben gefühlt :) Die Kommunikation und Organisation hat problemlos geklappt und ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank für diese schöne Erfahrung :D
Jonna Redmer
Jonna Redmer
December 31, 2023
We had an amazing morning of coasteering with our family with the best guide we could wish for. Thank you so much Jeremy!
Anne van Nieuwkerk
Anne van Nieuwkerk
October 4, 2023
Die Costering-Tour war einfach unglaublich! Der 16 Meter hohe Sprung war definitiv das Highlight des Tages. Die Aufregung und der Nervenkitzel, als ich mich von dieser Höhe ins Wasser gestürzt habe, waren unvergesslich. Der Guide hat uns großartig betreut und für ein sicheres Erlebnis gesorgt. Ich kann diese Tour jedem empfehlen, der nach einem Abenteuer sucht und gerne Adrenalin spürt. Die Tour wurde individuell auf unsere Bedürfnisse angepasst. Es war eine unvergessliche Erfahrung, die ich immer wieder machen würde!
Fabian Stobbe
Fabian Stobbe
October 2, 2023
An amazing experience, despite the fear of water, I managed to overcome my fears and swim to the caves. Beautiful views, sometimes even mystical. Very good care from our instructor, who suggested a morning tour. This was perfect because we were alone in the cave and could focus on enjoying the beautiful views in peace. Additionally, during the activity, the instructor explained everything thoroughly and built trust. Definitely an activity worth the price.
Paulina Rudolf
Paulina Rudolf
September 7, 2023