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Dry or aquatic caves: discovering the gems of Mallorca

By Jeremy Hansen / 2024-06-11
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Mallorca, the Mediterranean island known for its white sandy beaches and mountainous landscapes, also hides treasures beneath its crystal clear waters. Caving offers a unique opportunity to explore the island’s spectacular caves, where impressive rock formations and colourful await the adventurous. In this article, we literally dive into the depths of Mallorca to discover these…

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Climbing in nature: levels of difficulty and locations

By Jeremy Hansen / 2024-04-30
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The area of Mallorca is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and lively culture, but also for its captivating climbing sites. Here you can discover 7 of Mallorca’s numerous climbing sites, a must for climbing enthusiasts. S’estret Of all the climbing sites on our beautiful island, S’estret stands out as a true haven of…

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What is Coasteering ?

By Jeremy Hansen / 2024-03-19
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Coasteering, a coastal route between the sea and the mountains Dive into the thrilling adventure of coasteering and discover a unique combination of outdoor sports while exploring along the breathtaking coastline of Mallorca. Go into hidden caves, jump off cliffs and live an unforgettable experience that awakens your senses and connects you with nature in…

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