What to do in Mallorca ? Special outdoor activities

Discover the adventure paradise of Mallorca.

From exploring crystal-clear waters and hiking through breathtaking landscapes to abseiling down waterfalls - immerse yourself in a world full of excitement and adrenaline. Get ready for unforgettable experiences on the most exciting island in the Mediterranean.

Here you will find a list of outdoor activities with which you can discover Mallorca and its treasures.

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Bike Tours Mallorca
The classics
1. Hiking

Hiking in Mallorca offers a spectacular diversity of landscapes, from mountain peaks to secluded coastal coves, allowing hikers to discover an incomparable wealth of natural beauty.

The GR221, well preserved and signposted, offers impressive panoramic views that enrich the hiking experience. Due to its medium difficulty, it can be walked by both occasional and experienced hikers. The GR222 is currently under construction. Once completed, it will be 134 kilometres long, divided into five stages and five variants. In addition, there are many smaller routes on the island. They are suitable for beginners as well as experienced hikers, and guarantee great fun for all levels.

By exploring the island on foot, hikers can also discover its rich cultural heritage, from picturesque villages to historical relics scattered along the way, adding a unique dimension to each excursion.

2. Mountain or Road cycling

Road cycling in Mallorca offers well-maintained roads, a pleasant climate and varied landscapes, which attract cyclists from all over the world for unforgettable adventures. With its mountain passes and winding roads along the coast, the island offers exhilarating challenges for cyclists of all levels, while offering breathtaking panoramic views at every turn.

For mountain bikers, Mallorca presents a paradise of off-road trails through the Serra de Tramuntana, its picturesque valleys or coastal roads. The varied trails offer technical challenges and breathtaking scenery, allowing mountain bikers to enjoy an immersive experience in the island's wilderness, while exploring historic sites and traditional villages along the way.

3. Kayak o Paddle Surf

Kayaking in Mallorca offers adventurers the opportunity to discover the island's magnificent coastline, with its crystal clear waters and secluded coves accessible only by sea. Whether it's a leisurely stroll along rugged cliffs or exploring hidden sea caves, kayakers can enjoy an immersive experience in the island's unspoilt nature, while taking in breathtaking views of the coastline.

Paddle surfing in Mallorca allows holidaymakers to glide through the calm waters of the Mediterranean, offering a unique perspective of the island's coastal landscapes. With its golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Mallorca offers an ideal environment for paddle surfing and relaxing walks along the coast. An unforgettable moment of relaxation.

The funniest
1. Coasteering

Coasteering in Mallorca combines coastal exploration, climbing and swimming in a thrilling adventure along the island's rugged cliffs and secluded coves. Participants can jump off rocks, swim through sea caves and scale rock faces, offering an immersive experience of Mallorca's rugged natural beauty. With experienced guides ensuring safety and providing local knowledge, coasteering allows adventurers to discover remote corners of the island in a unique and exciting way.

2. Canyoning

Canyoning, the ultimate adventure in Mallorca! Imagine hurling yourself down natural slides, jumping into crystal clear pools and abseiling down breathtaking waterfalls in a picture postcard setting. With experienced guides ensuring safety and providing specialist equipment, participants can push their limits while discovering the wild and unspoilt beauty of the island's landscape. Whether it's daring jumps, vertiginous abseiling or sliding down natural slides, canyoning in Mallorca promises an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers.

3. Sea Caving

Explore the mysteries hidden beneath the surface with sea caving in Mallorca. Swim in crystal clear waters to discover secret caves, amazing rock formations and fascinating marine life. With experienced guides ensuring safety and providing the necessary equipment, participants can explore the bowels of the island, revealing spectacular seascapes and hidden treasures. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, the water caves in Mallorca offer a unique and unforgettable adventure for all adventure enthusiasts.

Those of unbelievable places
1. Climbing o Deep water soloing

Climbing in Mallorca offers a thrilling experience for thrill-seekers. Climb spectacular rock faces, defy gravity and enjoy breathtaking views of the island. With a variety of routes for all levels, from beginners to experienced climbers, climbing in Mallorca promises an unforgettable vertical adventure in a picturesque Mediterranean setting.

Deep water soloing in Mallorca is a unique climbing experience, combining the adrenaline of high altitude climbing with the refreshing coolness of the Mediterranean Sea. Climb rock faces without a rope over turquoise water, challenging your limits while enjoying the breathtaking views of the island's coastline. With its world-renowned psicobloc sites and crystal clear waters, Mallorca offers climbers an unparalleled vertical adventure, where concentration, courage and technique combine perfectly to create moments of pure excitement and satisfaction.

  Three climbers on three climbing routes 

2. Torrent de Pareis

The Torrent de Pareis, nestled in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains, offers an epic adventure through a spectacular canyon. Descending the torrent's course between towering limestone walls, adventurers are plunged into a wild and unspoilt landscape dotted with natural pools of crystal clear water and refreshing waterfalls. This fascinating hiking experience rewards explorers with breathtaking views and a unique communion with the island's wild nature. A more sporty hiking opportunity for a younger audience in search of something new.

3. Caving

Caving in Mallorca offers a captivating adventure into the bowels of the island. Explore mysterious caves, discover fascinating rock formations and dive into enigmatic underground passages. With experienced guides who will ensure your safety and share their knowledge of the underground world, this experience will transport you to a hidden world full of geological wonders and unique discoveries. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure as you explore the secrets of Mallorca beneath the earth's surface.

Those for large groups
1. Multi adventure

Multiadventure, an opportunity to gather a group of friends, family or work colleagues and spend a day full of laughter. This activity allows you to create your own circuit for all kinds of events. The activities can take place all over the island, in the mountains or on the coast, in a private property, house or chalet, sports centre, etc. The objective : a unique, personalised, unforgettable and adapted day.

2. Boat adventure

This excursion explores the west coast with boat, skipper and guide, allowing you to discover the most remote and less touristy corners of the island of Mallorca. On the programme: sea caves for swimming, blue lakes, watery crevices, cliff jumps, snorkelling areas in crystal clear waters and much more... in short, an unparalleled beauty to discover what Mallorca really hides! This is your opportunity to enjoy with friends an endless number of water activities for all tastes.

Boat Games

Fiestas infantiles, grupos escolares, despedidas de soltero, grupos de amigos y familiares, cumpleaños, bautizos, comuniones, bodas o equipos corporativos e incentivo de empresas son los colectivos a los que va dirigida estas actividades.

The most luxurious
1. Boat Tour

Explore the majestic beauty of Mallorca aboard a luxury boat excursion. Sail the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, relaxing on the teak deck, enjoying food and drink, water games and a DJ, all with the attentive service of an experienced crew. Take in the picturesque views of Mallorca's coastline, with its secluded coves, rugged cliffs and romantic sunsets, for an unforgettable experience of luxury and relaxation on the high seas.

2. Hot Air Balloon flight

Take to the skies and discover Mallorca from a unique perspective on a hot air balloon flight. Float gently through the sky at sunrise or sunset, admiring the island's breathtaking scenery from a totally different angle. With breathtaking views of majestic mountains, golden fields and glistening coastlines, this luxury experience offers unparalleled tranquillity and magical memories to last a lifetime. Let yourself be carried away by the gentle breeze as you fly over Mallorca in an atmosphere of serenity and awe.

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